Fullfyl                     1/2017

3 Step hair thickening system

Pureology's new Fullfyl creates full-bodied hair, while protecting hair color radiance. Now you can get the density you've been missing and keep your hair looking vibrant and healthy. Fullfyl shampoo increases hairs density and thickness. Fullfyl conditioner creates a bodied texture effect and Fullfyl density spray reinforces fine hair strands. Now available at Mane Attraction. 707-433-6800

Brittle Nails          12/2016

Brittle nails are one of the most common cosmetic nail concerns. If you were to look at a fingernail under a microscope the layered nail cells would look like shingles on a roof. As the cells are exposed to environmental stressors, the cells become dehydrated and often lift or separate. Excessive contact with water is a common cause because as the water moves in and out of the nail it places a stain on the delicate nail cells that lead to weakening and ultimately peeling and breakage. I advise you to wear gloves when doing wet work and when using cleaning products. If you are a polish wearer use a non-acetone remover, they are less drying. Although there are many treatments marketed for brittle nails, according to studies biotin has the best medical evidence of being an effective treatment for brittle nails. Biotin is a vitamin B Co-enzyme available at most health food and drug stores. For more information or to schedule a manicure contact us at Mane Attraction. 707-433-6800

Dr. D. Schwab's skin care collection  11/2016

Dr. D. Schwab has been creating products featuring botanical, nature derived, organic, renewable, re-growable ingredients for 40 years, utilizing their extensive knowledge and keeping with their homeopathic philosophy. These products are pure, natural and safe herbal ingredients extracted from plant material using a gentle and eco-friendly technology. This results in extracts that are effective and pure without chemical additives or solvent residue. Dr. D. Schwab's goals are to create natural, effective products to help improve the skins condition and appearance. They believe health and wellbeing go hand in hand, and that a healthy complexion supports self confidence. These products are tested without parabens and never tested on animals. Their promise to you: science, nature, in perfect balance. Call us for more information on Dr. D. Schwab's natural botanical skin collection. 707-433-6800

Raising the Brow   10/2016

Eyelashes continue to be the rage,but are not necessarily the most important feature on a persons face. When it comes to first impressions eyebrows have the largest influence in facial recognition. Clients are often looking for ways to make there features pop, and brow shaping does that. Its an eye-opener and serves as a frame for the face. Thick and unruly brows are more common in youth, but can appear at any age. For these clients grooming by trimming, waxing and tweezing is most important. But, the biggest problem I see with clients is,sparse hair growth or bald spots due to age. Sparse brows deserve just as much attention as full brows. There are many brow products available today, such as pencils,powders, waxes, and gels that help shape, define and enhance brows. Brow care is not complicated. Condition, shape, color, and hold. Call us today for a free consultation and let us help you find a solution for your brow issues.

Call Mane Attraction for more details 707-433-6800

Viral Colorwash    9/2016

Introducing viral bold tones. New, Celeb luxury advanced colorist keeps bright trendy colors vivacious and vivid!

Add color while shampooing, Great for all hair color, special effects highlights & balayage. Instantly adds bold power color!

Available in ten bold tones, extreme yellow, teal, blue, purple, silver, red, baby blur, light pink, hot pink, lavender. Go viral- now available at Mane Attraction

Call Mane Attraction for more details 707-433-6800

Swimmers Hair     7/2016

Summer has returned, so for the next few months it's all about fun in the sun and exposure to pools, spas, and water. Of course all this fun can also create potential problems. Introducing, MALIBU 100% vegan and sulfate free wellness shampoo and conditioner. Swimmers wellness shampoo removes pool elements, combats crunchy, gummy, dry brittle ends, and prevents "green" hair. This effective but gentle cleanser contains antioxidants that help to defend against aggressive oxidizers in water that can cause dryness and damage. 

Malibu swimmers wellness conditioner preserves the texture of that hair, keeps hair tangle free and replenishes vital moisture for radiant shine and maximum manageability. This 100% vegan blend of strengthening proteins and rich moisturizers, rescue swimmers hair and natural inhibitors protect and preserve color and shine.

Malibu swimmers shampoo and conditioner, available at Mane Attraction 707-433-6800

Deva Curl         6/2016

New, Now for wavy hair Low-Poo and One Condition DELIGHT for weightless waves. Volumizing rice protein provides a boost of body and fullness, while lotus flower extract provides the vibrancy and bounce that waves crave. Super seed extracts from chia and flax enhance waves texture and definition for a frizz-free look that lasts. New Low-Poo and One Conditioner DELIGHT now available at Mane Attraction along with your other favorite Deva products. EFFORT LESS WAVES END-LESS LIKES.

Call Mane Attraction for more Information 707-433-6800

Aquage               5/2016

New! remolding elastic for ultimate texture and definition, perfect for all hair lengths and textures. Inovative variable viscosity formula liquifies as you emulsify in your hands making it easy to run through the hair to create ultimate randon texture, Reverts back to its original firm viscosity for long lasting hold and grip. We carry a full line of Aquage shampoos, conditioners and styling products. Aqua is authorized for sale only in professional salons.

Call Mane Attraction for more information 707-433-6800

Flash Back Hair Color for Men     4/2016

Men, turn back time and make yourself look as young as you feel with Flash Back from Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color. Designed specially for men, Flash Back discreetly conceals grey and white hair in just 10 minutes. Neutral and subtly warm tones deliver the natural-looking, lived-in results with a subtle sheen, allowing you to take years off your look while maintaining a natural appearance. This ammonia-free conditioning formula reduces damage, while soy protein hydrates and boost hairs strength. Color lasts 4-6 weeks.

Call Mane Attraction today for an appointment 707-433-6800

REDKEN Loves Blowdry    3/2016

We have everything you need for a beautiful, long lasting blow-dry with heat protection and shine for days. And with the NEW PILLOW PROOF BLOW DRY TREATMENT PRIMER CREAM, you have even more ways to get hair primed and ready for the perfect blow-dry! After shampoo and conditioner prep the hair with Glow dry oil for instant shine. Before drying the hair prime with primer spray or new PILLOW  PROOF primer cream the reduce blow out time and protect from heat. Extend your style with PILLOW PROOF two day extender dry shampoo that instantly refreshes and absorbs excess oil. Primer is must for every blow-dry!

Take time to prime... your hair will thank you. Available at Mane Attraction 707-433-6800

Shape Up         2/2016 

When it comes to men’s products, you’ve got to know which texture which thickness and which finish works best for each desired effect. Here are a few tips on pomades, waxes, pastes and clays. Pomades create a high-shine finish and lack the crunch factor of gels. Start with a small amount, pomade tends to overload easily. Pomade is great to separate and define with flexibility. Our pick, Redkin Water Wax 03-hair shine defining pomade. Pastes are a thicker consistency than pomades and give hair a medium to firm hold. Warm a small amount between your palms and apply to slightly damp hair for best results. Paste on dry hair creates a puffier texture but works great to tame flyaways. Salons pick Aquage paste. Clays range from thick to very creamy. Salon pick, Paul Mitchell Mitch Matterial creates a dry, wet or matte finish that grips hair and locks it in place. Waxes tend to have an overall lighter hold. Waxes wont harden and have a medium to high shine finish. Salon pick American crew liquid wax. For more information call Mane Attraction 707-433-6800

Aging Hair   1/2016

We cannot turn back the hands of time. We all know when we are developing signs of aging, gray hair coming in at the roots, less volume than our hair used to have, a few more wrinkles.The beauty of getting older is that your not alone, everyone is aging along with you. Hair begins to lose elasticity and hydration as we age. Color longevity shortens. There are solutions to help replace essential proteins and moisture to make hair more manageable and to restore shine for younger looking hair. We can show signs of aging during anytime in our lives, on the skincare end, our lifestyle and environment can lead to premature aging. The same applies when it comes to your hair. For lush locks, you will need products that boost moisture levels as well as plump and thicken. We carry many products that can help, and we have a knowledgeable staff to help you pick the right one. For more information call Mane Attraction. 707-433-6800

Weak in the nails    12/2015

Brittle nails, characterized by increased fragility of the nail plate caused by peeling and splitting of the nail plate are common. Repeated wetting and drying of the nails is one of the causes. Aging is by far the most common. As we age our skin and nails suffer from dryness. After a certain age our ability to maintain moisture decreases. Because the nail plate is lacking moisture excessive water exposure, a dry climate with low humidity, exposure of the nails to chemicals, excessive nail filing or use of polish remover can exacerbate this condition. There are a variety of health conditions that may also cause this condition.There are a number of things you can do to improve symptoms. Hydration to the nail plate makes it more pliable and less likely to split, paraffin treatments can help improve dry nails. Cuticle care also plays an important part in keeping nails hydrated. The cuticle is responsible for maintaining moisture, when the cuticle becomes dry and rugged it will not hold moisture. Self-care is key, use cuticle oil regularly, wear gloves when performing wet tasks and use a good hand lotion after washing. For more information call Mane Attraction 707-433-6800

Eye on Brows  11/2015 

Brows are to the eyes what a frame is to a painting. Eyebrows direct focus to the eyes. While attempting to achieve a great brow, it is important to bring all the facial features into balance with each other in order to produce a proportional look. To achieve balance and symmetry for the eyebrows there are some basic rules: Where the brows should start and end, the arch of the brow, how high and low they should be and the thickness and thinness of the eyebrows. Balanced and symmetrical brows consist of a natural yet fashionable shape that opens the eyes. The classic eyebrow shape transcends fads and trends and monetary fashion because it enhances all the facial features. For a truly dramatic eye you can have your brows professionally tinted with a color that suits you perfectly. For more information on brow shaping, maintenance and tinting call, Mane Attraction 707-433-6800

Love those Curls   10/2015

Serious curls can still be hard to maintain this fall, thanks to the end - of -summer heat. Don’t try to tame your curls, flaunt them to their fullest with these tips. Frizz is a curl waiting to happen. REDUCE FRIZZ Fall hair shows the toll of summer heat. Go a little heavier on your daily Deva conditioner. Once a week, condition with Deva Heaven in Hair for added moisture. Reach for priority hydration stylers such as, Deva styling cream and Deva Set it Free. MAINTAIN CURLS Cotton pillowcases can pull moister from the hair while you sleep, so swap cotton for satin or silk instead. Before bed put your curls in a high ponytail secured with a loose scrunchie. In the morning spritz with Deva Mr. Right to reactivate product from the day before. If your curls feel dry use Deva Set it Free instead for second day curl maintenance use a couple pumps of Deva Set it Free with a couple pumps of Deva spray gel, emulsify in hands and scrunch to refresh. For more more tips contact our Deva inspired stylists at Mane Attraction 707-433-6800

The right slough  9/2015 

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells that adhere to the outer most layer of the skin. The skin is constantly generating new cells from the lower layers, sending them to the surface to create a protective barrier for the skin. Naturally, the skin is sloughing off old cells to make room for new ones, but as we age this process slows causing the skin to become dry, dull and less receptive to hydration. The solution lies in purposeful exfoliation. There are many methods, but the easiest and least expensive is physical exfoliation with the use of a facial scrub or gommage. This manual effort is done by scrubbing the product onto the skins surface a few times a week to loosen and remove dead skin cells. This process is an important part of any homecare regimen and will get the best results if your exfoliation agents aren’t too abrasive. Use gentle friction, improper use can trigger irritation and inflammation, remember red means stop. For more information contact Mane Attraction 707-433-6800

Calling all curls    8/2015

What type of curls are you? Identifying your curl type is finding your true curl potential for a healthy curly hair lifestyle! Are you S’wavy, Wavy, Botticelli, Corkscrew. DevaCurl is a complete collection of products for a curly lifestyle, designed exclusively for all curl types. DevaCurl products are infused with a high concentration of 100% sulfate free, silicone free and paraben free cleansing ingredients and moisturizing botanicals that rejuvenate, restore and respect your curls natural order. Embracing your curls begins with a proven three-step curl care technique, CLEANSE, HYDRATE, and DEFINE. We carry a complete line of DevaCurl products and our deva inspired stylists are here to assist you in living a curly lifestyle. Join the curl culture. 707-433-6800

Framesi, Color Lover Collection 7/2015 

In that moment… When your stylist spins you around and you suddenly see the hair color of your dreams, its love at first sight. You know it’s special and you want it to last. Introducing Framesi Color Lover shampoos and conditioners that nourish your hair with a rich blend of advanced color-retention ingredients. Starring Quinoa, the ultimate source of all-natural plant proteins combined with Color Lover’s unique compound of color retention ingredients, is proven to retain your color 95% longer.

All formulas:

  • 100% vegan
  • Sulfate free
  • Parabin free
  • Gluten free
  • DEA free
  • Sodium chloride free
  • Thermal UV protection

When your hair color lasts 95% longer, you will feel everlasting love. Now available at Mane Attraction. 707-433-6800

New SeaExtend Silkening Oil Foam  6/2015 

Now fine, Color-Treated hair can experience super silky, frizz-free style! New! Silkening Oil Foam delivers: 

  • Weightless smoothing
  • Thermal-V protection
  • Light conditioning
  • Touchable control 

Light as air whip for the ultimate smoothing. Silkening Oil Foam is an airy whip with a creamy, buttery texture that weightlessly smoothes, silkens and controls frizz. This lightweight foam easily spreads throughout wet hair for effortless, tug-free blow styling as it seals the cuticle for added smoothness and shine. Even with its rich texture, Silkening Oil Foam becomes virtually weightless when applied to the hair to give styles natural bounce and movement. The secret is an infusion of weightless silkening oils that nourish and condition with SeaExtend protection. Now available at Mane Attraction. 707-433-6800

Third Degree  5/2015 

            You can beat the heat with thermal styling products that protect strands while blow-drying or flat ironing. Products like Paul Mitchell’s Hot Off the Press or Kenra’s Hot Spray work well, but do remember that you must switch your iron’s temperature setting according to your hair. Tips to avoid damage and breakage while producing the best smoothing results are,

            Fine or freshly color treated: 180*F to 230*F 

           Medium texture hair: 250*F to 300*F

            Thick, course, or highly textured hair: 350*F to max

P.S. The smaller your sections are, the lower the iron temperature needs to be to achieve results and maintain the hair’s integrity.

For more info call Mane Attraction. 707-433-6800

The good the bad and the ugly 4/2015 

When did everyone quit washing his or her hair?  This trend of no shampooing for days, weeks or ever has raised the question- how healthy is it? The good thing for color treated hair is this can help your color from fading so fast and becoming brassy. Using a dry shampoo in between to soak up oils, add volume and texture isn’t so bad either, we know that unwashed hair is more manageable than freshly washed hair. The bad thing is, if you’re piling on styling products and not cleansing regularly, this may cause an un-balanced scalp resulting in itching, flaking and increased shedding. These products are not water- soluble and build up on the hair and scalp. Using a weekly clarifying shampoo such as Malibu Un-Do Goo will nix this residue. The ugly is compounding dirt and oil creates a funk that may not smell so good.  My advice is finding a happy medium, listen to your scalp, and use quality hair products geared towards your specific needs. Remember you must maintain a healthy scalp for healthy hair  growth. For more information contact us at Mane Attraction 707-433-6800

Winter Pedicures  3/2015  

Between the winter blues and covered shoes, you may think pedicures are for lazy, hazy days of summer. But the winter weather can double the incidence of dry skin, and warm winter boots that keeps us warm and dry also create a mist bacteria rich environment. It’s important for the health of the feet to clean, trims nails, exfoliate and moisturize, even during the winter months. And if the health benefits aren’t enough, just the pure pleasure of receiving a pedicure is a benefit all in itself, a time to stop, relax and be pampered. Add on a soothing, hydrating paraffin treatment for an extra treat for your feet. Nothing lifts the winter blues like a fresh set of toenails. It’s like sunshine. Remember, pedicures aren’t just for summertime anymore! Call us today at Mane Attraction to make your pedicure appointment. 707-433-6800

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